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Creating an Environment of Love, Compassion, and Care

"Entrust your Loved Ones into the Hands that Care"

  • Mental Health Skill-Building Services provides support and training to adult members in need. Members collaborate with their own Life Coach to help them identify strengths, goals, and solutions to problems which cause issues with daily living. Mental Health Skill-Building Services aid members in becoming more independent, reducing hospitalizations, incarcerations and homelessness. 

  • Intensive In-Home provides counseling services to the adult and their family in the home to work on behavior problems and emotional issues up to 10 hours per week. 

  • Intensive In-Home services offer families one of the most intensive treatment options available in Virginia. V & V Counselors work with the family in their home to improve overall family functioning. They are able to devote a substantial amount of time and focus on each family. V & V Counselors work with the member and their family to become aware of thoughts, feelings, and actions that can cause issues in their lives, and learn effective ways to achieve and maintain stability and independence. Collaboration with teachers, social workers, housing managers, and others are used to help the family achieve success.

Mission Statement


V & V Services mission is to provide rehabilitative community skill building supports and services that are therapeutic and innovative for individuals with a primary mental health diagnosis to have an opportunity to enhance their life choices, become more self sufficient and maintain stability in various areas of community living.


V &V Services is dedicated to providing individualized services that support each person to achieve the results of their personal preferences and lifestyle through the utilization of therapeutic principles and practices. 




MHSB Eligibility Criteria:

·         Ages 18-65

·         Medicaid recipient

·         Been hospitalized at least once pertaining to mental health concern

·         At risk of being removed from the home (hospitalized, change of guardianship, homeless or incarceration)

·         Difficulty maintaining and carrying out daily activities

·         Diagnosed with a serious mental illness

·         Has a prescription for mental health medications (don't have to be  taking the medication for admission).



Our Story:  Founded in December 2019, V & V Services offers services to males and females 18 years of age or older, to enhance home-based independent living and coaching services within the community.  We will maintain consistent, caring, and educational interactions with you as our client to work on the points listed below:

Reduce risk of removal from the home

·         Reduce risk of involvement in the judicial system

·         Reduce conflict with family member(s)

·         Reduce conflict in the community

·         Support in transitioning to independent living setting

·         Increase ability to recognize personal danger

·         Increase pro-social behavior

·         Strengthen interpersonal/social relationship 

 V&V Services accepts Medicaid for mental health skill building and intensive in-home services. We also accept a variety of insurances providers (Optima, Medicaid, Aetna, Humana, Magellan) for outpatient therapy and self-pay for outpatient therapy and groups.


Keyboard and Mouse


1545 Crossways Blvd., Ste. 250,

Chesapeake, VA. 23320

757 777-3281

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